Maya News Media, Mexico [2016-2021]

I met one of Mexico’s premier investigative journalists Pedro Canché—called “a symbol of Mexico’s struggle for a free press” by The Guardian—during the 2016 gubernatorial elections of the southern Mexico state of Quintana Roo.  Within days of our first coffee, I had the root password to his server a newspaper portal that was struggling to resist a sustained Distributed Brute Force and Denial of Service cyber attacks from highly sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats.

I migrated his server from Mexico City over the border to Austin, Texas (see Google analytics image below: hits were numbered in hundreds of thousands per month) and load balance its resources between two datacenters to mitigate against DDoS attacks while allowing for rapid exponential growth.

 I have been working with Maya News Media since 2016, designing its tech infrastructure and strategy for growth as it has grown to include the following news portals:

Maya News
Cancún News
Playa del Carmen News
Tulúm News
Chetumal News
Pedro Canché News

These websites receive hundreds of thousands of hits per month and are integrated with mailchimp as well as Facebook pages that have been fifteen to thirty five thousand active followers per platform.


Cyber Awareness Training in the newsroom, Quintana Roo state in southern Mexico



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