Esperanza Project, A Green Magazine for the Americas [2017-2021]

The Esperanza Project is run by my friend and long term colleague Tracy Barnett, a former journalist for the Houston Chronicle whose work has appeared in everything from National Geographic to the Washington Post.  Tracy came to me when the publication she founded The Esperanza Project had stagnated, its hits flat-lining, procuring talent to produce copy was difficult, and her dream for a green magazine focusing on the Americas was diminishing .

The first thing I did when I took over the tech was clean up her server and migrate the Esperanza Project to WordPress with a magazine theme.  Next we procured talent to publish content.  I’ve been working on and off with Tracy for a few years now, and proudly sit on the board of Esperanza Project to consult and advise on anything tech, especially when new projects are in the pipeline: Esperanza Project Film & TV was awarded a grant from the Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting for a documentary on indigenous responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.  I’m helping the team design an interactive storytelling page to compliment the documentary film.

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