Esperanza Project TV [2019]

“At Esperanza Project Film & TV we are convinced that good stories are a powerful tool to change the world.  We are an international interdisciplinary team committed to produce films and series that raise awareness in our society.” – Tracy Barnett

After working closely with Tracy Barnett since 2017 to breath life back into The Esperanza Project with a new digital publishing strategy, Esperanza Project Film & TV was an avenue to increase that influence with our Argentinian colleague Hernán Vilchez.  As with most projects, my place is behind the scenes which is the form of influence I prefer, pulling tech levers and digital pulleys, to make sure the show runs smoothly.

This was a short project that runs alongside the work at The Esperanza Project.  It provided a platform for a more recent project funded by the Pulitzer Centre of Crisis Reporting and looks at indigenous responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in South America.  This project is currently in the pipeline and should be released August, 2021.



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Esperanza Project Film & TV

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