Encuadre Politico, Spanish journalist Carlos Borrachina [2020 – April 2021]

Encuadre Politico is a news portal based in the southern Mexican capital of Chetumal.  The news portal covers politics, corruption, crime between Nicargua and Hondorous to southern Mexico.  I helped the Spanish journalist Carlos Borrachina launch the news portal using the WordPress CMS and trained his colleagues on how to get the most out of the magazine theme while adhering to strict cybersecurity principles like the Policy of Least Privilege.  A

“I want to thank Jake for all his support in creating the page www.encuadrepolitico.com. … It was a great help and it has been a little over a year now that I have been able to share from this page both my political columns, as well as the academic works that I develop.  A little over a year ago Jake insisted a lot on creating my website. Not only did he insist, but he helped me create it and accompanied me in the design and in showing me how it worked. For some time now, Alejandro Pereyra, Renato Schiaffino and Kike Tovilla have been supporting me, despite the multiple tasks they have.” – Carlos Borrachina

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