Colombia Reports [2020]

Colombia Reports is South America’s largest English speaking news portal.  Due to its investigative reporting on organised crime, political corruption, and drug cartels, it is also the dogged target of Advanced Persistent Threats–a term used in cybersecurity to refer to threat actors that have massive resources at their disposal.  I’ve worked with Adriaan Aselma, the editor-in-chief, both in his newsroom in Medellín, Colombia, and over encrypted channels remotely, to look at the backend of his CMS and scour the database to ensure there were no SQL injections.

I’ve also advised Adriaan on SEO and Google News algorithms, while learning just as much if not more from him in return.  This has broadened my knowledge inside this challenging niche of providing tech consultancy to newsrooms across different countries such as Maya News Media in Mexico, in different languages with the multi-lingual Esperanza Project, and spanning different fields like with my current work with South Africa’s Health-e News.

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Colombia Reports, South Americas Largest English News Portal

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